Andre Foods International (AFI)

Andre Foods International
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  • Address: Andre Foods International, Country Office, Spring Road, Bugolobi, Uganda
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Company Detail

Andre Foods International (AFI) is a registered National Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Uganda with a broad-based approach to different scientific and humanitarian challenges.  AFI provides multi-dimensional solutions to particularly food processing, food security, nutrition, health, WASH, environmental protection  and research. The organization has been involved in partnerships with government, industrialists, local clients, as well humanitarian work for international Non-governmental organizations (INGOs) and the UN agencies.

In 2014, Andre Foods International, a Non Governmental organization (NGO) was formed with intent to carry on with the humanitarian operations being implemented by Andre Food Consult. Andre Food Consult, a consultancy firm in nutrition started operations in 2009, with founder members; Dr. Andrew Kiri Amegovu and Dr. Patrick Ogwok.


To have a nation that is free of malnutrition, food secure and clear understanding of proper hygiene and sanitation and caring for environment.


To provide a comprehensive approach in solving community malnutrition and enhancing household capacity in safeguarding against food insecurity and improving the environment of vulnerable groups for sustained growth and development.


The ultimate goal of AFI is to provide sustainable food security and nutrition interventions through community based models to address persistent food insecurity and nutritional deficiencies so as to empower communities and spur development in the long run.