EleQtra (EA) Ltd

EleQtra (EA) Ltd

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lnfraCo Africa, a member ofthe Private Infrastructure Development Group (PlDG), a multi government donor-funded, infrastructure development and finance organization, and Grindrod, a South Africa based integrated freight logistics and shipping service provider, are jointly developing the Lake Victoria Marine Transport Project (the Project), through the East Africa Marine Transport Company Limited (“EAMT”).

The Project will implement an efficient and scheduled marine freight roll-on/roll-off service across Lake Victoria initially between Port Bell and Mwanza South mainly for trucks. eleQtra Limited (“eleQtra”), in its capacity as principal developer of lntraCo, is leading the development of the Project.

EAMT now seeks to recruit qualified and competent candidates to undertake a training program leading to Navigation and Engineering Watch to operate the marine vessels.

Successful trainees will be offered employment under an apprenticeship program in which trainees will be expected to serve for agreed period of time on the company vessels offering marine freight services on Lake Victoria.