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Reasons Why Maids Prematurely Leave in Qatar, and Saudi and Kuwait

1. Family issue
Maids can have their personal problems and issues. Sometimes the family concern and circumstances can force a maid to leave their job. So, having a conversation about their family and figuring out if they are facing any emotional trauma can help them build trust in you.

2. Over working
Some maids are given too much work than they can handle alone without help from others. For example, your home may have any frequent visitors which increases work burden. You fail to see that you need more than one Maid.

3. Lack of Day Offs
Maids are humans and need to refresh and rejuvenate their energy emotionally and physically. Unfortunately, many Maid Masters do not recognize this and constantly offer work without any day offs.

4. Unfriendly approach of Management
Some Maid Masters do not approach their Maids with patience and allowance to learn some things in the home while also using a poor voice tone to guide the Maid

5. Poor Pay and Compensation
Many times, expectations of the Maid may be lower than the reality and over work is not adequately compensated. Maids end up resenting their work instead of loving it because usually fair pay is always on their top agenda.

6. Deteriorated Trust from the Start
If Maids are labelled as not trust worthy from the beginning, they will feel unwanted in the home which makes them want to leave as soon as they get the opportunity.

7. Emotional and Physical Torture
Most Maid Masters do not realise that they are emotionally torturing their Maids. Many end up committing suicide or contemplating suicide because of emotional torture. Physical torture also drives Maids away.

8. Lack of time
Unavailability of time is one of the most significant reasons for a maid to vanish. If they already have so many jobs, then maybe you are not that important to them. They may agree to do your job for the sake of money and soon plan to leave once they realise that it’s not working for them.

9. She does not like your attitude
Well, this is true. They are free to choose who they want to work for. If they don’t like your attitude, they will leave. After all, no one will ever like to work for a horrible boss.

They may not agree to work in such a stressful and exhausting environment. Have you ever exasperated your maid with mean remarks or micromanagement?

If yes, this may be the reason why she left your work. Imagine how hard it is to face a traumatic situation every day. Avoid overworking your maid and inappropriate attitude if you want to retain your maid.

10. She is not satisfied with the pay
Although she may have agreed to a fixed price while getting hired, sometimes she may look for rewards or extra benefit. Not having these benefits or bonus may disappoint her and make her leave work.