Post Bank

Post Bank

Company Detail

Legal status:
PostBank Uganda (PBU) is a public company limited by shares and formed under the Public Enterprises Reform and Divestiture Statute of 1983 and the Uganda Communications Act, 1997. It was incorporated under the Companies Act in 1998 and is owned by the Government of Uganda with 100% shareholding.

PBU is regulated by Bank of Uganda as a financial institution regulated by the Central bank under the financial institutions act of 2004.

Our Vision: To be a market leader in advancing financial inclusion.

Our Mission: We are a nationwide Financial Institution offering affordable Services in a sustainable manner for social economic development.

Strategic focus: The bank employs a rolling budgeting approach and has a three year strategic plan aimed at increasing financial inclusion. PBU is focusing on delivering demand driven products and services to the bottom of the market Pyramid. The bank is privileged to be undertaking linkage banking for the poor under the world Savings Bank Institute (WSBI) aimed at doubling the number of usable accounts among the poor and leverage on technology for financial inclusion.

Market segment served: PBU is a double bottom line focused bank serving the mass market in Uganda with both profit and social mission. The small and medium enterprises are the core of our market niche.

Products and services offered: The bank offers a wide range of products and services, these include: savings accounts, Transactional accounts, Business Accounts, Group Accounts, Village Savings and Loan associations (VSLA) Accounts, VSLA individual accounts, Cashless Transactions, Mobile phone banking, Internet Banking, pre-paid card transactions, mobile money (Push and Pull), Mobile Money, cash management and credit services. The bank also offers funds transfer services through its own speedie service as well as being an agent for western Union and Money gram.

Other services include bill collection, Free Umeme Collection, Salary Payments, School Fees Collection, National water, URA, E-tax payments, Traffic Penalty payments, funds transfer, airtime purchase, permit fees and passport fees.