Livelihoods and Economic Inclusion Specialist job at NRC

Norwegian Refugee Council Kampala, Princess Anne Drive, Kampala, Uganda
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The purpose of the Livelihood and Economic Inclusion (LEI) Specialist position is technical development of the Livelihood and Economic Inclusion strategic direction and quality assurance. The LEI Specialist is responsible for mentoring, training, capacity building staff, programme development and coordination.

General Responsibilities
1. Develop Livelihood strategy, technical guidance and mainstream Livelihood and economic inclusion into all other CC’s.
2. Work closely with LFS team to align economic inclusion initiative to the Livelihood strategy
3. Compliance with and adherence to NRC policies, guidance and procedures.
4. Contribute to fundraising, develop, and revise funding proposal, budgets, and donor reports.
5. Identify trends technical standards and donor priorities.
6. Follow up on compliance with contractual commitments within Livelihood and economic inclusion, ensure high technical quality and synergies in project implementation.
7. Provide technical direction and project implementation support.
8. Ensure that key learnings are extracted from relevant core competency(ies) (CC) implementation, and incorporate them in specific thematic area and staff development processes
Specific Responsibilities
• improve the enabling environment for refugees to work including through advocacy on the right to work as well as access to economic opportunities and services.
• seek new and strengthen existing partnerships including with the private sector, development actors, government institutions and specialized agencies to advance economic inclusion of refugees; and
• enhance ongoing livelihoods and economic inclusion programming through evidence-based and market-driven approaches to improve economic inclusion outcomes
• In a consultative process take lead of development and periodic update of the Livelihood and Economic Inclusion programme at Country Office level and ensure the management and implementation of the program activities in line with LEI policies, strategies, and procedures.
• Promote and coordinate the development of new initiatives and responses to emerging enterprise development such as integration of the principles of green economy development, value addition and access to Finance.
• Promote use of technology in the Livelihood Economic inclusion program including digitalization of Saving groups, market linkages and attachment to entrepreneurships.
• Facilitate the implementation of specified project development plans, providing overall partnership and technical support in the conceptualisation, design, planning, budgeting, and implementation.
• Promote digital financing, financial literacy, credit plus activities, Food security entrepreneurship and commercial village concepts in all the LEI programs.
• Ensure job creation, green skilling, financial inclusion, and improved livelihoods through training marginalized and vulnerable Youth and women (including people with disability) in green skills.
• Develop plans, procedures, criteria of eligibility, systems or appropriate tools for timely initiation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation of the EI programme.

Professional Competencies
• Wide of experience within Livelihood & Economic inclusion while Cash & Markets programming in a humanitarian/ recovery context in added benefits.
• Experience of working in complex contexts.
• Solid experience form managing and implementing Livelihood and Economic Inclusion related responses including cash-based programming, in both volatile and recovery contexts.
• Highly experienced in programme management associated to natural resource protection and socio-economic recovery, particularly relating to renewable energy and Innovation, financial inclusion and employment support including apprenticeship schemes.
• Strong capacity in leading proposal development.
• Documented experience working with donors and conversant with their technical frameworks, strategic priorities and reporting requirements (e.g. ECHO, WFP, Unicef, NMFA, Sida);
• Understanding and experience of carrying out Livelihood, Market and Cash & Voucher assistance monitoring and analysis, with the ability to devise and adapt tools to context.
• Experience from leading multi sector assessments and analysis.
• Ability to work closely together with other field staff and across sectors.
• High level of communication, representation, flexibility, and negotiation skills.

Context Specific skills, Knowledge and Experience:
• Knowledge of the context in Uganda
• Experience with market assessment, analysis and market based approaches;
• Experience of developing and implementing resilient livelihood and Economic Inclusion approaches adapted to conflict or protracted crisis contexts;
• Experience of protection and advocacy work within the Livelihoods sector

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Uganda, Kampala