Awamo Uganda Ltd

Awamo Uganda Ltd
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  • Address: awamo Uganda Ltd., Illuminata Nakyejjwe Close, Kampala, Uganda
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Company Detail

awamo is an acronym made of the initials of Anton Wilhelm Amo (1703-1759) who was born in today’s Ghana. Having been brought to Europe as a slave during his childhood age his future looked all but promising. Luckily this changed when he was given the opportunity to visit German universities where he made an impressive career. Amo’s studies centered around law and philosophy and he mastered six languages. He received two PhDs in law and philosophy being the first African attending a European university and lecturing at two of them in later years.

When we heard about Amo his story inspired us. We regard the absence of opportunities as one of the main barriers to development in emerging markets. Our claim “information creating opportunity” reveals how we at awamo intend to help overcome this hurdle. By sharing credit information and improving access to affordable finance opportunities will arise for the bottom-of-pyramid population. This empowers people to become independent from external aid. Once given the opportunities it is up to every individual to make the most out of it – just as it was the case for Amo