Axel Uganda Limited

Axel Uganda Limited

Company Detail

Axel Uganda limited is as well committed to providing support and assistance to people searching for organizations and companies for the purpose of gaining experience in different professions to fit in the ever changing society.

Axel Uganda limited is dedicated to education and considers education the most viable strategy against poverty for that fact we also assist those searching for better highly recognized institutions, collages overseas, even assist in visa processing, booking and ticketing and travelling for this matter we ascertain that individuals/candidates we present are fully accredited by different examination boards in their country of origin. This reduces on having unskilled labour in your business.

Axel offers on job training courses like computing, data management, etc. This is done with other accredited institution of learning.

Axel advertises in any media house of its choice, recruits in all villages and districts presents to any organization, company, individual candidates suits to take up a give job in any field specified at a free cost, that is whereas axel incurs cost to advertise and much more including delivering individuals/professionals no charge is incurred by the employer.