KadAfrica Uganda

KadAfrica Uganda
  • Hotline: 256
  • Address: KadAfrica, Bwamba Road, Fort Portal, Uganda
  • Email: lucy@kadafrica.org

Company Detail

KadAfrica is an award-winning social enterprise committed to the empowerment of young women and girls. KadAfrica works primarily in Western Uganda from its base in Fort Portal, with current and planned expansion to refugee settlements across Uganda. We support out-of-school girls aged 14-24 who have had little or no schooling by providing them with a package of passion fruit seedlings, tools, and training over a planting season. Because the overall objective of the program is women and girls’ empowerment, the training we provide is comprehensive and includes agriculture (passion fruit farming), financial/business skills, as well as health education. In the past 6 years, over 2,400 young women and girls have benefited from the program. Additionally, KadAfrica’s outgrower program provides quality seedlings and extension services to outgrower famers, diversifying our supply chain, and providing rural smallholder farmers with an additional source of income.

Our Vision: KadAfrica envisions a world where out-of-school girls are economic drivers of their communities. We use passion fruit farming as a vehicle for girls to build their own support systems to become independent and empowered decision makers. By equipping girls with the knowledge, skills, and assets to begin their own passion fruit farming cooperatives, KadAfrica girls become financially literate, entrepreneurial leaders generating income through agribusiness. This girl-powered vertically integrated value chain creates vibrant rural communities, and allows us to provide the highest quality fruit at a consistent price, year-round.

Our Mission: KadAfrica seeks to reinvigorate commercial fruit production in Uganda by building resilient farming communities founded upon the empowerment of young women through the cultivation of passion fruit.

We also aim to create a secure and sustainable market for smallholder farmers by establishing ourselves as a reliable domestic processor of passion fruit in Uganda.