Plan International – Uganda

Plan International - Uganda

Company Detail

Plan International started working in Uganda in 1992 to respond to the needs of children affected by a guerilla war in Luwero district.

Since then we have worked alongside communities on many different issues to improve millions of children’s lives.

Our work is aligned with the Global Goals, the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and Uganda’s second National Development Plan. Gender equality and the empowerment of girls and women are at the centre of our work.

Our programmes and influencing work focus on the following areas:

  • Supporting young people to learn skills and get good jobs
  • Giving young children the best possible start in life through early childhood care and primary education
  • Keeping children safe from all forms of abuse
  • Improving maternal, neonatal and child health as well as the sexual and reproductive health of young people
  • Responding to disasters and the influx of refugees into the country.