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  • Address: 5400 Dixie Road, Mississauga, ON, Canada
  • Email: rebesmith90@yahoo.com

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My name is Miss Rebecca Christiana Smith, I have been working at RITZ-CARLTON HOTELS IN TORONTO-CANADA since 5 months ago.

Here is the website ( www.ritzcarlton.com )

There are many vacancies here currently and they need more workers urgently.

My weekly salary is $600 US dollars as a Catering Manager.

A friend directed me to one Agent who has employed me and some of my friends, and we have all started work in Canada through the help of this Agent, I can’t hide the opportunity, so I try to share it with my friends and others .

So if you are interested in working, Send a message to the Recruiting/Traveling Agent email below .

Email / ( yayikoneh@hotmail.com )

Name / Mr. Yayi Koneh

Write to him that you are interested in working in Canada, send him your full names, phone number, and country .

The RITZ-CARLTON HOTELS Management or your employer will take care of your feeding, accommodation , and air ticket to Canada.

They will be deducting 10% from your salary, till they recover all the money they spent to bring you to Canada.

While the Recruiting/Traveling Agent will be earning 4% from your Employer for supplying them workers.

The Recruiting/Traveling Agent will use their international contact to process your working visa/traveling documents online, to make it ready within 6days for the Canadian embassy in your country to stamp the working visa in your passport, so that you can arrive in Canada and start work before the next 1 month from now.

Find below the available job vacancies/ but there are many other job vacancies in different companies in Canada, and the Agent has the permit to fix you in any job of your choice with a good weekly or daily salary once you arrive here in Canada.

Casino Host
Cruise Ship Attendant
Front Desk Associate
Front Desk Supervisor
Front Office Attendant
Front-of-House Manager
Gaming Dealer
Guest Relations Manager
Guest Services Associate
Guest Services Supervisor
Hotel Clerk
Hotel Cleaner
Hotel Receptionist
Reservations Agent
Events Manager
Executive Conference Manager
Executive Meeting Manager
Meeting and Convention Planner
Meeting Coordinator
Meeting Manager
Meeting Planner
Meeting Specialist
Special Events Manager
Wedding Coordinator
Cafe Manager
Food and Beverage Manager
Kitchen Manager
Pastry Chef
Restaurant Manager
Sous Chef

Miss. Rebecca Christiana Smith